For both employers and applicants alike, the search and filling of key positions in companies often represent a demanding challenge. Sector, corporate culture, personality and timing are key factors when it comes to harmonize people, needs and ambitions.

SII Deutschland has the means and methods to effectively place the right talent for the position, in a reliable, confidential and engaging way.

Mindsetter’s focus lies in the placement of specialists and leaders with a minimum of 10 years work experience in a specific technical field. In addition to the fulfillment of unlimited or interim management vacancies within a classic hierarchical organization, we are specialized in the search and placement of senior professionals who, over and above their work experience and technical know-how, seek to contribute to the ongoing transformation process within your company. For example, in the areas:

  • Agile Leadership

  • Environmental Protection

  • Inclusion

  • Digitalization


Thanks to our global footprint, our social network and our industrial experience, we obtain insights into a variety of management and leadership positions within our exciting business environment.

At the same time, we manage a pool of senior individuals in search of a new professional challenge. Among them are a number of interesting and interested candidates from within our own personal business network – at national as well as at international level.

Dedicated specialists provide you with their optimum support: from the first contact to contract closure. Applicable references, personal interviews, individual coaching and screening are all part of our standard. qualification process of applicants.

In this process, we guarantee absolute discretion when treatment relevant data both in terms of applicable Non-Disclosure-Agreements and the latest GDP regulations.


For Companies

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For Senior Applicants

You have the option to apply as Mindsetter to one of the published positions or to proactively submit your application.