Founded in 1996 as design bureau for aircraft interiors, today SII Deutschland ranks among the preferred engineering suppliers for the Big Players in the German Aerospace-, Automotive-, Transportation and Machinery industry. At the same time, we maintain an active focus on the expansion of our activities in the IT sector, through the development of our own in-house software solutions

Our competences include the mechanical and electrical design, the calculation as well as the development of hardware and software. We support our Clients in the areas of testing, manufacturing and aftersales and generate the associated technical documentation. Our portfolio also offers technical consultancy, along with project and quality management, in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 /EN9100 standards.

Airlines, Operators and MROs rely on the support offered by our EASA 21J Design Organisation for the upgrade of their fleets.

In addition, our DESIGN STUDIO is a reliable partner for Creative Design, Styling, CAS and Class A Modeling as well as for the development of surfaces and materials in the automotive high-tech segment.

We are the German member of the SII Group – with over 9.100 employees one of the most renowned Engineering and IT Consultancy corporations worldwide.


We do what we write, we write what we do.

SII Deutschland is accredited for the scope ‘Engineering, Design and Industrial Design Services’ and acts as an approved Design Organization for design in accordance with applicable type certification basis, operational suitability data certification and environmental protection requirements.

Our certificates are based on management systems that reflect our commitment towards quality and represent the basis for our daily work. Regular internal and external audits are inherent part of our endeavor towards continuous improvement.


A strong network of partnerships is a key in today’s global environment and demand for solutions at system level. AIDA cooperates with a number of partners with complimentary niche expertise, as well as prototype hardware manufacturers and testing facilities.

SII Deutschland is proud member of the following associations:


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