Design research is a fundamental part of our product development process. By merging our expertise, we are able to develop trend-setting product solutions and avoid the interface problems so often encountered in the realization, certification and the handover to series production.

SII Deutschland uses a variety of design and simulation tools in order to make advanced design “tangible” at an early stage of the process. Our highly specialized teams and their ability to interact in an interdisciplinary manner guarantee superior design solutions. Industrial designers, modelers and engineers develop hand in hand reliable concepts that are technically and commercially feasible.

Our experience in ‘Ready to Production Engineering’ and Prototyping means a ‚one-stop-shop‘ for design tasks. We offer product design, styling, modeling as well as color and material research for all segments of the transportation sector.


Creative Design

Our team of experienced Creative Designers provides the full scope of services required from the initial phase of design research to the final step of delivery. A close cooperation with modelers and engineers guarantees the convergence between design research and the technical realization.

Our scope of activities in the area of Creative Design entails:

  • Development of concept design and design research direction
  • Visualization of design concepts through 3D models for base renderings and design reviews
  • Definition of and control of advanced design deliverables quality
  • Guidance of CAS and Clay modelling resources and processes, particularly to secure the series production

The typical tool set includes Photoshop, Maya and Alias.

3D Modeling

Our 3D Modeling Team delivers CAS and A-Class surfaces for interior and exterior components.

Our scope of activities in the area 3D Modeling entails:

  • Interpretation and improvement of design research ideas
  • Definition of 3D design and development planning
  • Control of the interaction between design quality and engineering issues for final delivery to series production
  • Final checks, quality control and acceptance of final digital models

The typical tool set includes Alias, Icem-Surf and Catia V6.

Clay- and Hard Modeling

Our clay and hard modelers built physical models on the basis of idea sketches and renderings. The materials used include clay as well as different plastics and resins.

The longstanding artisanal experience of our modelers guarantees a perfect aesthetic look and surface quality of the product. At the same time, they define the design and development planning and oversee the entire advance design development process.

Colour & Materials

Our aim is to provide you efficient and timely access to innovative and exclusive materials for your projects. Because every project has its intrinsic requirements, we will tailor our services to each of your specific needs, striving to support your team at a high level, delivering innovation and quality. Thanks to our extensive know-how and competences, we can assist you in every phase of the process, from research to implementation, through development and testing. We can develop the C&M content for a full vehicle or a programme.

Our scope of activities entails:

  • Materials Research
  • Design Strategy
  • Materials Development
  • Bespoken Materials
  • Testing
  • Certifications
  • Cost Analysis
  • Implementation Analysis
  • Supplier Management