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We support the big European automotive players in the area of design and styling. We offer: creative design, 3D modeling, colour & material design, clay modeling and 3D scanning. Qualified studio engineers and project managers are also part of our team. Our clients appreciate our industrial expertise and our wide network of competent partners.

Creative Design

• Development of design concepts, design trends, design guidlines
• Presenting visions in the form of sketches or renderings
• Quality controls in advanced design process by studio engineers
• Process control in the clay modeling and in 3D styling
• HMI (Human Machine Interface) and UI/UX development
Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Tablet, Maya, Alias

3D modeling

• 3D design in CAS and/or STRAK quality (Class A)
• for interior and exterior components of vehicles (design/styling)
• product and graphic design of both industrial and consumer goods
• Coordination between design and engineering with regard to series production
• Review, quality assurance and release of the digital models
• 3D Renderings / Visualization / Animation
Tools: Alias, Icem-Surf, Maya, Vred, Catia V5/V6

Color & Material Design

• Materials Research
• Design-Strategy
• Material Development
• Custom materials
• Trial and approval
• Cost analysis
• Implementation analysis
• Supplier coordination

Model making

• Clay models based on sketches, renderings, package drawings
• 3D printing (rapid prototyping) of illustrative models or initial samples
• Scale models made of clay or foam for presentation purposes

3D scanning

• Scanning objects with Artec handheld portable 3D scanner

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