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A few years ago, workload in Rostock looked bad: several projects had come to an end and some of our Key Clients had decided to transfer parts of their development work to Asia. We were concerned about the future of our office.

Together with our colleagues in Schwäbisch Hall, we then proceeded to put all our effort into convincing Clients in the South of Germany about the advantage of having some of their design work carried out by us in Rostock. Consequently, we created the necessary IT-infrastructure and started training our employees in the relevant methods and tools. Today, our “Near-Shore-Design-Center” Rostock puts us ahead of our competitors. This way of tackling challenges reflects in my opinion the true color of a good employer.
Claudia from Rostock
On my way to a seminar I received a call from a co-student telling me SII Deutschland was looking to strengthen its engineering team in Bremen. 30 minutes later, I was sitting with the responsible Business Unit Manager in a park near the airport, doing a spontaneous personal interview. At the end of the same week; I had a work contract in my mail box and a few days later, I took over my responsibilities as system engineer. This was 4 years ago.

The company is managed through a flat hierarchy and makes a point about addressing issues at a personal level. Project team and management are young, dynamic and flexible. I particularly appreciate the freedom I am given to manage my tasks and was pleasantly surprised about the high level of trust given right from the beginning in regards to my decision making abilities and my interaction with our Client.
Simon from Bremen
I have been working for SII Deutschland for the past 12 years. Having studied civil engineering, as a lateral recruit I was given the opportunity to enroll in a sponsored training program about cabin systems for the first four months. I then joined the Cabin Interiors team, which I now lead carrying our projects for one of our major Aerospace Clients. This is a young and dynamic team, with whom I feel we have achieved a lot.

What I value about SII Deutschland is the close collaboration amongst colleagues and the management, the flat hierarchies and the constant desire of every company member to improve and evolve. I can also highly recommend the company’s High Potential Development Program, in which I participated a few years back and which today I support as a mentor of my colleagues.
Stephan from Hamburg
I joined the company in 2010 and immediately had a good feeling about it. I started as a design engineer for primary structures and over the years, became a project lead. This not only allowed me to develop my technical skills but also to learn how to deal with and handle all different kinds of people.

A healthy working atmosphere, interesting projects, training opportunities, trust and fairness amongst colleagues and with the management represent in my opinion the right mix to achieve a good performance and have fun at work!
Salvatore from Donauwörth
Having worked for several years as software developer in the automotive industry, I decided to join SII Deutschland in 2010. At this time I was looking for a change in location and SII was able to quickly and easily offer me a new job in the area of model based software development. This was a new topic for me that I had been aspiring to get involved with for a while. At the same time, I was looking for an employer that communicates with their employees about business matters in an open and honest way.

Since then I support our Client with the development of a new drive dynamics control system. After the birth of my son and the subsequent period of maternity leave, I was given the opportunity to rejoin my old position on a part time basis. I was thrilled about the fact that SII Deutschland facilitated my reentry into the environment I grew used to, as I greatly enjoy working with the team and testing the software in real cars is one of my great passions!
Anja from München
As the building industry was undergoing a period of recession 15 years ago, I switched into the aerospace sector, after having worked as a freelance interiors architect for a few years. I became part of SII Deutschland’s Industrial Design Team, where I participated in numerous R&D projects which allowed me to demonstrate my vision for innovation and creativity, along with my talent for organizing and coordinating the relevant activities with Clients and institutions.

Self-initiative and accountability is promoted by the company through trust. Based on my engagement, meanwhile I am charge of managing the project activities for a team of 10 staff members.
Regine from Schwäbisch Hall
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