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How should I submit my application?

To ensure protection of your personal data we ask you to submit your application via our career portal only.

What documents are needed?

We require a cover letter, resume/CV with contact details, transcripts as well as certificates and proof of qualifications.

What about compliance with GDPR?

Without your explicit agreement to our GDPR process by ticking the applicable box, the system will not process your application.

What format should I use for my attachments?

Your application materials can be uploaded as
doc, pdf, jpg, gif, png or bmp files.

Can I apply proactively

Should none of the advertised job openings match your skills, scroll down to the bottom of the career page and apply proactively.

How does the selection process work?

We conduct personal interviews in order to get to know a candidate. We additionally conduct specific assessment tests for certain vacancies.

When can I expect feedback?

Should your application spark our interest, you will be promptly contacted by one of our Recruiters.

Who is my contact person?

Your contact person is usually mentioned in the job posting you applied for.

How can I be sure my application was received

Our career portal will automatically notify you via E-Mail as soon as your application is logged in our system.

Can I apply for several positions?

Technically, yes. However, your application will always be carefully reviewed against all open positions.

What is the right time for my application?

Any time! We constantly acquire new projects and need fresh talent. Most important is that you mention your earliest availability date.

Are the job positions up to date?

Absolutly! Our job postings are regularly updated with vacancies that have not been successfully filled yet.

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