Power for Air, Land and Sea

Despite the ongoing COVID-pandemics, SII Deutschland has succeeded in closing a series of new framework agreements over the past two quarters and stabilizing her order intake. By the end of the first half of the ongoing fiscal year, a positive overall operative result was achieved, along with a promising prospection on an enlarged field of activities.

Whilst the crisis has left a deep impact particularly on the civil aerospace sector, other areas such as industrial equipment, defense technology along with the railway, automotive and marine industry are back on a growth path. In this context, the development of software solutions and electronic systems play a predominant role. (more…)

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A Cool Gang

July 31st is Sysadmin day. Since July 28th, 2000, this day is celebrated on the last Friday of July. It was invented by the system administrator Ted Kekatos. He was inspired by an advert posted by Hewlett-Packard, thanking a system administrator for installing a printer, with flowers and a fruit basket.

More than ever before, in the “Corona-year” 2020, this day is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to those people who usually perform their duties in the background and most times, receive little notice. However, their contribution is key in overcoming the crisis. Thanks to them, we remain fully operational, connected over long distances and able to work together across all our German locations, despite the ongoing physical restrictions.

Our system administrators manage our computer and communication systems through a complex system of access rights. They plan, install, configure and maintain the digital infrastructure of our company and link us to our Clients and Partners, whilst facing the ever increasing demands on data volume, data protection and information security.

They execute their tasks with professionalism and with the right dose of humor: even when a user rants and raves, after entering a wrong password for the third time…???? (more…)

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A New Approach to Urban Mobility

The Corona crisis has heavily impacted public transportation as we knew it until now. Many people avoid buses and trams for fear of an infection. But how can individual transportation be reconciled with the mandate to create carless and environmentally friendly inner cities?

Autonomously driving electric cabin scooters could provide an answer to this question. Today, we already possess the necessary technology for their implementation. (more…)

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A400M in times of Corona

Over the past years, how often has the transporter A400M been under the crossfire from the public eye? Too complex, too expensive and who needs a new military aircraft today anyways…?

In times of Corona, this transport plane shows its true colors! As a matter of fact, the A400M is currently playing a key role in countless humanitarian missions targeting the transfer of COVID-19 patients, worldwide.


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Who says that women and technology don’t fit together?

Ever since 2001, the “Girl’s Day” has become one of the biggest professional orientation events for young women in Germany. The aim is to encourage girls to consider professions inappropriately viewed as a being part of a typical “male domain”. Particularly, practical insights into technical jobs are meant to help girls to abolish any reservations about said type of professions. In addition, this provides the opportunity to establish useful contacts with the industry, when searching for an apprenticeship or a practical training during university studies.

As in the past, this year, SII in Germany opens her doors for young female candidates, interested in learning about the development process of aircrafts.

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The SII Group obtains Ecovadis Gold Medal Status on CSR practices for the fourth time

Since 2012, the SII Group evaluates its Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) practices through the Ecovadis standards.

Based on the latest results, the achieved maturity of our CSR approach was rewarded as follows:

  • Overall score increase to 76/100 points (compared to the industrial standard average of 43 points)
  • Maintained an “Advanced” CSR performance
  • Obtained GOLD Medal status recognition


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