• 2021

    Successive business recovery. On December 19th, the company celebrates her 25th corporate anniversary.

  • 2020

    The COVID 19 pandemics take hold of the world and impacts the company’s business, especially in the civil Aerospace sector. SII Deutschland uses the time to streamline and push for a digitalization of all of her internal processes.

  • 2019

    SII Deutschland becomes recognized TISAX participant. On this basis, the company is now able to expand on our ability to deliver increasingly complex projects in our own premises.

  • 2019

    On May, 24th 2019, the SII Group celebrates its 40th anniversary.

  • 2015

    SII Deutschland obtains the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award in the category “Passenger Comfort Hardware”.

  • 2017

    Introduction of DESIGN STUDIO as Center of Competence for premium product design, styling and modelling activities for the transportation industry.

  • 2016 20 years

    On December 19th, the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

  • 2014

    AIDA acquires 100% of the shares of Rücker Aerospace GmbH and signs, after the subsequent merger of both companies, as SII Deutschland GmbH.

  • 2013

    Based on the know-how acquired through the development of specific, project related macros, AIDA launches its first program applications and opens a new business field dedicated to the provision of IT SOLUTIONS.

  • 2011

    AIDA Development and Recaro Aircraft Seating celebrate their 15th anniversary of collaboration. Since their first joint project, the advancement of the CVS quadrupple, to this day, in which AIDA supports Recaro practically across all development fields, both companies have been sharing a successful history.

  • 2010

    On April 8th, AIDA becomes member of the SII Group, gaining access to new market opportunities in Germany as well as international level.

  • 2010

    10 year anniversary of AIDA Development GmbH in Hamburg, commemorating the foundation of HEADS on May 30th, 2010.

  • 2008

    Merger of the companies AIDA Development GmbH Schwäbisch Hall and Hamburg, as well as of the company AIDA Aviation Interiors GmbH into a consolidated entity. Reorganisation into product based Business Units. Closure of the office Friedrichshafen.

  • 2006 10 Years

    On December 19th, the company celebrates its 10th anniversary.

  • 2005

    On February 4th 2005, the Frank-H. Schoenenberg-foundation award is presented at the HAW Hamburg for the first time in recognition for outstanding research achievements in the area ‘Passenger Design and Cabin Systems’.

  • 2004

    Renaming of HEADS GmbH auf AIDA Development GmbH Hamburg.

  • 2003

    Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 & EN9100.

  • 2002

    Frank-Heinrich Schoenenberg, founder and president of the AIDA Group, deceases on October 20th, 2002.

  • 2001

    Opening of AIDA Development GmbH office in Friedrichshafen. Core competence is the design and development of passenger seats, aircraft furniture as well as medical devices.

  • 2000

    Foundation of AIDA Aviation Interior GmbH as a self sustained firm dedicated to industrial and interior design activities for aircrafts.

  • 2000

    Foundation of HEADS (Hamburg Engineering and Design Services) GmbH in Hamburg, Core competence is the design and development of aircraft structures and interiors.

  • 2000

    Opening of AIDA Development GmbH office in Ottobrunn. Core competence is the design and development of structures for helicopters.

  • 2000

    Foundation of FS Aviation Holding GmbH.

  • 1996 Foundation

    AIDA (Aerospace & Interior Design Application) Development GmbH is founded in Schwäbisch Hall as Engineering Firm with niche expertise in the development of passenger seats and cabin interiors for the Aerospace and Transportation industry.