Frank-Heinrich Schoenenberg was born on 22. July 1963. His early childhood was influenced by his father’s occupation as an aircraft engineer on the HS 9 airplane. At the age of 13 and with exceptional permission of the district president of Münster, Frank-Heinrich passed his A/B/C exam and in doing so, became Germany’s youngest glider pilot at the time.

After his school education, Frank-Heinrich joined the federal border police. Driven by his passion for aviation, in 1986, he began his studies in Aerospace Engineering at the Technical College of Aachen.

After attaining his degree, Frank-Heinrich applied as a project engineer with the company GROB Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, where he was made responsible for the design of the empennage and the pressurized cabin of the business plane „GF 200“. At the same time, he introduced the CAD system CATIA in the company. During his time at GROB, Frank also participated in the development of the basic trainer „GT 115 T“ as well as high altitude research aircraft „STRATO 2C“, for which he designed the cabin door as well as the landing gear bay.

In July 1993, Frank-Heinrich moved to Schwäbisch Hall and joined Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG. His first task as a group lead in this company consisted in the development of a new Business Class Seat. In this function he was able to complete the project with great success. As a result, he was made responsible for the series production of Recaro’s Economy Class Seats as well as the Product Support.

In April 1994, Frank-Heinrich was made accountable for all Premium and Special class seats. In parallel, he was appointed Program Manager for the introduction of a variable seat for the Client Lufthansa. Under his leadership, a breakthrough in the area of the variable seating was achieved which lead to a great market demand of this product and several patents. Following from this, Frank-Heinrich was nominated Head of Research and Development as well as accredited Head of Design Organization by the federal Airworthiness Office.

His dedication and vision for innovation, his initiative and motivation for new challenges led Frank to the foundation of AIDA Development GmbH, along with his partner Peter Miehlke, in December 1998.

Over the course of the following years, Frank expanded the company’s field of activities outside Schwäbisch Hall, opening office locations in Hamburg, Ottobrunn and Friedrichshafen. The development of the six seat business jet “SONIC VISION” throughout its concept phase is, amongst many of other achievements, testimonial of his successful career.

Frank-Heinrich shared his technological knowledge in aviation through speeches and lectures at the Aeronautical Institute of the Technical College Aachen. He actively participated in the advancement of new seating concepts through a series of publications and was an active member of the German Aerospace Society (DGLR).

From 1996, Frank became member of the SAE Seat Committee and in 1997, he joined the „Boeing Seat Expert List“. Based on his expertise, he was also asked to participate in complex patent litigations. As a member of the steering committee of FAST AG, Frank became involved in the introduction of the new commuter class seat “PRIMO”.

Equally important was Frank-Heinrich’s commitment towards social responsibility. As member and later president of Round Table 101, Frank engaged in several aid projects aimed at providing aid to disadvantaged groups, both at national and international level.

Until the date of his accident in October 2002, Frank-Heinrich was a loving and caring father of four children.

We thrive on the memory of a wonderful person who will always be a part of us.