Values of SII

SII shares a corporate culture that is driven by strong values fully in line with the recommendations of the United Nations Global Compact, as listed below.

Engagement and Accountability

Within SII, each employee has the resources and responsibilities befitting their position. Effective communication and suggestions for improvement are highly valued and encouraged. This culture of engagement implies the right to trial periods and to make mistakes. Internal promotions are the preferred path for filling open vacancies.


Relevant information is sent to the relevant stakeholders in a sincere, speedy, exhaustive and comprehensible manner. Results, trends, objectives and operational data are transparently shared between branches and subsidiaries the group.


Within SII, trust forms the cornerstone of internal relations. In return for this trust, employees are requested to always deliver quality and commit to the corporate targets and culture.

Quality and Professionalism

Quality and professionalism are the historic foundation of our technical origin and continue to dominate today’s corporate culture, despite our expanding diversification across the different industries.

These values are complimented by respect, integrity, loyalty, honesty and prudence in all our actions.

Commitment as Employer

Our Employees

SII is confident about the loyalty, integrity, motivation, sense of initiative and responsibility of our staff. Therefore, management undertakes to:

  • Provide training, encourage employees to take responsibility and offer support
  • Ensure consistent and fair treatment in terms of remuneration, training, promotion, in keeping with the skills and performances of each person
  • Develop a team spirit, professional conduct and the sense of service among employees
  • Set achievable objectives
  • Enable diversity within their teams
  • Encourage flexibility in the organisation of work in order to promote an equitable work-life-balance
  • Respect the individual right to a private life


SII conducts a proactive non-discriminatory hiring and professional equality policy in its management of careers, and ensures it takes diversity into account in each country where it operates. As signatory of the Enterprise Diversity Charter, SII communicates its commitment towards non-discrimination and diversity internally and externally.

Securing a work environment for diversity in terms of gender, origin, age and the integration of the disabled represent a major challenge which SII pursues to address at several levels:

  • Regulatory: preventing and prohibiting any kind of unequal treatment
  • Societal: equal access to employment and promotion for all employees
  • Economic: recognition of the best skills

Incorporating female talent in SII’s technical fields represent an important objective which we pursue by:

  • Increasing the rate of female recruitment,
  • Ensuring equal payment
  • Supporting maternity leave

In addition, SII facilitates the professional integration of persons who have trouble accessing employment and, in particular, the disabled.

Health & Safety

SII offers a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees and business partners. To this end, we ensure that our premises and professional practices comply with the applicable law and regulations.

In addition, we train our staff in respect to safety at work and provide the necessary resources in order to:

  • Provide our employees adequate occupational health care
  • Carry out risk analysis
  • Implement the applicable health and safety measures

The consumption of alcohol and/or illegal substances at work is strictly forbidden. Smoking or vaping is only permitted in the designated areas outside of SII’s premises.


Employees of SII may not carry out any moral or sexual harassment, any type of violence, or any other degrading behavior vis-à-vis their colleagues. This relates to:

  • Verbal or physical threat or intimidation
  • Insults and mockery
  • Promotion of negative stereotypes
  • Sexist acts and/or sexual advances

All above behavior is punished by the sanctions set out in our internal regulations.

Commitment as Business Partner

Our Clients

SII endeavors to offer our clients business and technological solutions to guarantee the results they expect, along with the appropriate know-how tailored to their needs. Therefore, all employees of the SII Group undertake to:

  • Only accept missions for which the company is qualified, in order to fulfil their remit in the best interests of the client
  • Adopt clear and explicit contractual forms that are in line with the nature of the services
  • Respect the confidentiality of information, data security and intellectual property rights and reject all forms of corruption
  • Refuse to participate in any prior or agreed arrangements that are contrary to the rules of free competition
  • Respect any contractual requirements, particularly in terms of security, reliability, quality and performance
  • Respect all applicable approvals, certifications and regulations

These requirements shall also apply to our subcontracting.

Our Suppliers

SII promotes a reciprocal climate of trust with its suppliers, subcontractors and partners. Therefore, we undertake to:

  • Cascade requirements in a transparent way
  • Guarantee data confidentiality
  • Treat designated points of contact with honesty and respect
  • Select companies impartially, based on pre-defined and transparent criteria

Our Competitors

SII strives to stand out from the competition through honest and legal means and through the quality of our services. We regard the principle of a healthy and fair competition as fundamental factor for growth and innovation. Therefore, all employees, and particularly those in commercial positions, undertake to:

  • Not harm any colleague through procedures, manoeuvres or declarations that are untruthful or contrary to the principles of fair competition
  • Not recruit staff from a competing company for the sole purpose of diverting an ongoing contract with a client for SII’s benefit
  • Not get involved in agreements with competitors for the purpose of fixing prices, preventing a bidding process, sharing a market, limiting the production or boycotting a business partner or a third party
  • Not exchange sensitive information with competitors, in breach of competition law


SII undertakes to respect statutory and contractual provisions against corruption and shall under no circumstance become involved in any form of money laundering and/or financing of terrorism.

SII firmly rejects the offering, soliciting or accepting, directly or indirectly, of incentives or rewards whose purpose is to obtain an undue advantage or to influence a decision through cash, gifts, hospitality, entertainment, trips, services, etc.. This applies to business relationships with actual or potential partners, both in the public and private sectors.

During negotiations or difficult competitive situations, all employees shall always conduct themselves fairly and honestly.

SII does not finance political parties or associations with a political purpose.

An anti-corruption practices guide is made available to employees. Its aim is to provide legal references and practical advice to help employees deal with potentially risky situations.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees shall avoid situations in which their personal interests, or those linked to their association with individuals or organizations outside SII, are in conflict with the interests of SII. If the employee is unable to avoid such a situation, managerial advice or support by the company’s ethics commission shall be sought.


Each SII employee is made aware of the importance of respecting confidentiality and commit to it with their signature.

Employees shall not disclose any confidential information in their possession outside of the group. Equally, such information shall not be revealed to employees who are not authorized to possess such knowledge.

Further, all employees shall take all due care to preserve the confidential nature of the information or any type of intellectual property they may gain access to. This obligation survives the end of the contractual relationship with SII.

Stock-Market Trading

The actions of SII are carried out within the scope of a relationship of trust vis-à-vis to our shareholders. Therefore, all employees, and particularly those in governance positions, undertake to:

  • Respect scrupulously stock market rules and corporate governance principles
  • Regularly supply intelligible commercial and financial information on its activities that is relevant and reliable
  • Ensure the profitability of the shareholders’ investments

Insider Trading

Any employee in possession of insider information likely to have an impact on the movements of a listed financial instrument of one or several companies within the group may not, directly or indirectly, disclose such information. Equally, such employees may not perform any transactions on the financial instrument, either directly or through an intermediary, or permit, knowingly or not, a third party to perform such transactions, before the general public becomes aware of such information.

Corporate Social Responsiblility

Local Ecosystem

SII is present and plays an active role in terms of local challenges, in partnership with elected representatives and associations. We support:

  • The engineering and digital sector in the interest of the profession, by encouraging exchanges and partnerships with technology expert groups and educational establishments
  • The social engagement of our staff
  • Local initiatives for public or community events

In addition, our public communication shall convey information in an honest, responsible, accurate, appropriate and comprehensible manner. This commitment also applies to publications in social networks.


The actions of SII shall respect the natural environment and resources in all countries where we operate. Therefore, all employees, and particularly those in charge of environmental issues, undertake to:

  • Apply the environmental regulations in force
  • Strive to reduce the consumption of energy, water and raw materials
  • Promote and implement waste recycling in all premises
  • Use environmentally friendly recycling and disposal methods for computer equipment
  • Adopt alternative solutions for professional travel
  • Promote the use of public transport and car sharing

Integrity Line

As part of our principles of corporate governance, there is an alert system in place for the reporting compliance incidents. The SII Integrity Line is a secure external platform that is accessible to all SII stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers …).

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