Over the past years, how often has the transporter A400M been under the crossfire from the public eye? Too complex, too expensive and who needs a new military aircraft today anyways…?

In times of Corona, this transport plane shows its true colors! As a matter of fact, the A400M is currently playing a key role in countless humanitarian missions targeting the transfer of COVID-19 patients, worldwide.

With its Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)-equipment, the A400M is capable of carrying a large number of patients in „intensive“ and „intermediate“ care status, along with a medical team of up to eleven, over long distances, in record time and without refueling.

Already 2 years ago, SII took on the assignment to develop and certify the electrical supply for five intensive units installed in the cargo hold compartment of the A400M, currently used to transport COVID-19 patients, on behalf of the German Armed Forces.

As we speak, the same team is now addressing an urgent request submitted by the Ministry of Defense to investigate the compatibility of components in the cargo compartment of the A400M with different substances used in the fight against COVID-19. In this context, test procedures for all types of materials used in troop seats, stretchers, linings, etc. are being collected, evaluated and validated.

It is a privilege for SII to serve the cause in this way. And thank you A400M!